These are beautiful! The presentation was amazing...

- Damani

Hey Jonathan thank you so much for the photo shoot they were so beautiful I was so over joyed your work is phenomenal!

- Rachel

They turned out great! I’m glad I trusted you and your vision!

- Alicia

I love them all!!! Can't wait to post them!  You're the best!


They look GREAT!!! ?? Thanks again ????!


Images look great.  Thank you once again for your services, I will stay in touch.


Our experience, once we hired you... Photography was off the list of thing to do for our special day! We knew you had it covered.  You work so well together! You blend into the event. There were times I didn't notice you at our wedding or reception. The pictures were outstanding! To have a husband & wife team for our wedding & reception was awesome. Having Yvonne be with Julie as she got ready and having Jonathan be with me provided some great photos that told a story. Then having Jonathan take the wedding and reception and Bride/Groom photos completed the story!

Thank you, Bless You,

-D. Milligan

Our family photos are beautiful and it had been a long time since we used professional photographers. It was fun and the results were wonderful. Our photo session was fun and relaxed! When we got the proofs back I was over the moon with the results! Such a wonderful experience.

- Angela

You guys were very nice and are such a good family. The pictures couldn't have looked any better. Absolutely ecstatic...had a very pleasant experience as well.


I had high confidence and knew that our photos would turn out great! I love Jonathan's perfection and special attention to every detail.Even on a rainy day, I-Witness Photography was prepared with their umbrellas and ready to go for our special wedding photoshoot. There was no rain stopping us :).  Yvonne and Jonathan worked diligently to ensure that they provided the best multiple quality pictures. The day that my wife and I watched the YouTube photo collage video with our favorite songs, was like the icing on the cake, which brought so much satisfaction to us that we can even still watch to this day.



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