?Where does the portrait session take place?

It depends on what you envision.  Your session can be in our home-based studio or it can be at a local park, lake or downtown or historic area. Our studio is located in Severn, Maryland, just a few minutes from BWI airport. If you need us to work on location for your session, you can upgrade to an on-location shoot for a small fee and we can collaborate on the perfect place to get the images you are looking for.

What are my options for purchasing images? Do you offer retouching?

Depending on what session you choose, it will include a set number of high-resolution, retouched images. We also have different options for you to choose from if you need to purchase any additional images, it all depends on what you need.

What are retouched images?

If you need a certain number of high-resolution images that are edited by hand to perfection, this option is for you. Images are retouched to reduce blemishes, fix stray hairs, and other standard edits to make you look your best while still looking natural. If you plan to use these images to market yourself or your brand, we highly recommend retouching.

Should I chose studio or "on-location" for my session??

Studio Benefits:

  • Convenience/comfort. Everything done indoors. You don't have to deal with weather conditions like cold or hot temperatures. humidity or wind. No distractions that may come with being outdoors.


  • Privacy: No need to worry about people watching you. Crowds have been known to gather to watch outdoor photo sessions.


  • Timeless/Classic Look: Studio portraits have a more classic look of a formal portrait that will be cherished by your family for years to come Perfect for black and white portraits.

On-Location Benefits:?

  • Atmosphere: Parks. lakes. downtown areas offer instant atmosphere that can't be manufactured.


  • Natural sunlight. Looks great and give a warm feeling to portraits.


  • Creative Options: Due to more space and looks. being outdoor provides more options to get unique portraits.

Who do you recommend for Hair and Makeup?

If you don’t have a hair and makeup artist who you use, here are a few artists that we work with regularly and highly recommend. You can contact them directly to set up your appointment and work out payment.

If you book hair and makeup with one of our recommended artists, it is possible for us to make our studio available ahead of time. This is all based on availability, just let us know and if we can make it happen, we will.

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